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Spotlight Events is an event planner in Penang that offers complete event management services. 

This includes event decoration with lighting and sound system rental in Penang. 

Most of our clients prefer our event management service that includes planning and organizing their event along with providing all the necessary sound and lighting equipment that will make their event a success. 

Sound System Rental Penang

When it comes to sound system, most folks will refer to it as a PA system or public address system. 

A PA system comprises is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. 

It increases the apparent volume of a human voice, musical instrument, or other acoustic sound source or recorded sound or music.  

In any event that we manage, we want to make sure that the sound which is projected to the audience is clear and loud enough for them to understand. 

Spotlight Events have a wide range of audio and sound system that includes speakers, digital sound mixers, microphones, amplifiers, monitors and of course conference communication system.

We understand that different types of events and venues will require different kind of sound system rental set up. 

As an experienced event company in Penang, we are able to advise on the combination of PA and sound system that your event will require in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

Contact us for a free consultation and our team will be more than willing to assist you. We will follow up by arranging a meeting or even a site visit to your venue.

Whether it is a conference, exhibition, panel discussion, open event space, banquet, private meeting or an outdoor event, we look forward to helping you plan it out to ensure your event is a success. 

We will advise on the appropriate audio equipment that you will need for your event and ensure that everything runs smoothly for you.

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Event Lighting Rental Penang

Spotlight Events offer a complete range of event lighting rental to complement our sound system bringing you a total sound and lighting experience for your event.

We have vast experience setting up complete indoor lighting system for concerts, wedding, company product launch events, annual dinners, private events, conferences, exhibitions and parties.

These events require concert quality lighting which we can set up with stage lighting as our lighting systems are scalable depending on the size of the venue. 

Our innovative lighting system are also portable where we can set up outdoor lighting systems or sports event lighting for outdoor events like races and fitness challenges.

Those looking for a unique wedding banquet experience will be pleased to know that we offer wedding deco in Penang which includes wedding backdrop and event decoration. 

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Sound and Light Rental